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How to apply perfume?

Want to know how-to put-on perfume so that it has the best chance of lasting on your skin?
05 May 2020

A fruit from a tropical plant from the orchid family, the vanilla bean is an exceptional natural raw material which has the power to evoke exotic faraway lands, drenched in sunlight. Cultivated in a village between sea, bushes and mountains using ancestral expertise, the Bourbon Vanilla in Aura MUGLER is organic and Fairtrade certified.

Due to its intense, long-lasting nature, perfume can be applied in the morning for a captivating, luxurious scent that lasts throughout the day, or to dazzle and enrapture your evening guests when the lights go down. And with perfumes lasting up to 24 hours, you shouldn’t need to reapply your scent to leave an unforgettable mark.


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