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How to apply perfume?

Want to know how to apply perfume so that it has the best chance of lasting on your skin?
17 Apr 2024

Discover the art of perfume with MUGLER. Dive into our world of enchanting fragrances like the celestial Alien Perfume and the hyper-sensual, hyper-modern, and hyper-feminine fragrance Alien Hypersense Perfume.

Follow our expert fragrance tips for a stellar scent experience:

  1. Layer Your Scent: Boost your fragrance's impact by pairing it with its Eau de Parfum counterpart.
  2. The Best Intensity: Choose between Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne for your preferred intensity and longevity.
  3. Apply to Pulse Points: Target wrists, neck, and behind knees where heat amplifies the scent.
  4. Optimal Timing: Apply after bathing or on moisturised skin to help the scent last longer.
  5. Pat, Don't Rub: Keep the fragrance's integrity by patting it on, avoiding friction.
  6. Preserve Your Perfume: Store in a cool, dark place and away from humidity to maintain the scent.
  7. Experiment with Layering: Mix Mugler fragrances to create an even more unique scent that reflects your personality.

Embrace the power of MUGLER perfume to make a lasting impression.


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