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Anok Yai the new Alien muse

Mugler Alien Hypersense Campaign : Behind the Scenes

In the world of fragrance, there are those campaigns that not only captivate but also transport you to a realm where scent becomes a visceral experience. Mugler, renowned for its audacious approach to fashion and fragrance, has once again redefined the art of olfactory storytelling with their Alien Hypersense Eau de Parfum campaign. It's an immersive journey, a hyper-sensory adventure that defies convention and leaves an indelible mark on your senses.
19 Feb 2024
Anok Yai the new Alien muse

Anok Yai: The Alien Muse Redefining Beauty in the Alien Hypersense Campaign

In the captivating world of fashion, where beauty knows no bounds, Anok Yai stands out as a celestial being, an alien among us, in the most remarkable and transcendent way. As she takes the center stage in the new Alien Hypersense campaign for Mugler, the world can't help but be entranced by her otherworldly allure.
15 Feb 2024
H&M and Mugler celebrate their collaboration


Mugler H&M celebrated the forthcoming launch of their much-anticipated collection with a immersive experience encompassing entertainment, music, performance and fashion in New-York City. The event was attended by friends of the Mugler and H&M community – including Pamela Anderson, Charli XCX, Chloë Sevigny, Lourdes Leon and Dominique Jackson – who all wore pieces from the Mugler H&M collection.
02 May 2023
Mugler H&M is coming soon

Mugler x H&M is coming the 11th of May

Mugler is proud to announce its next designer collaboration – a landmark partnership with the H&M. Mugler has always offered an open invitation to a broad range of characters and beauty types, and now, with this partnership, it is opening the door even more. The collection by Mugler’s creative director Casey Cadwallader includes both womenswear, menswear, and accessories, and will launch in select stores and online beginning May 11th, 2023.
Hunter Schafer Mugler New Star

Hunter Schafer, Mugler's New Star

A symbol of a new kind of femininity, dazzling, powerful, contemporary, liberated, and boundless, Hunter Schafer is the remarkable face of Angel Elixir.
16 Mar 2023


From real life to fantasy, the Angel Elixir campaign – co-created by Casey Cadwallader, Mugler’s team and ad agency Publicis Luxe – is a contemporary invitation to reveal one’s own potential, to live boundlessly.
03 Mar 2023


From the very beginning – from fashion to fragrance – Mugler has inspired bodies and spirits with unexpected and desirable designs that empower everyone to reveal their own personality.
15 Feb 2023
We Are All Angel: Mugler’s first set of arty digital collectibles

We Are All Angel: Mugler’s first set of arty digital collectibles

The Mugler brand moving to the metaverse is all about creating a limitless virtual playground with an unlimited space to dream, escape and transform. It therefore seemed very natural, yet historic, for it to operate its first digital collectibles drop augmented by self-identity in 2023. In a way, by encouraging everyone to be their own creation, Mugler has always been metaverse-native. The brand is now about to make it official.
07 Feb 2023
Mugler Returns to Runway

Mugler Returns to Runway

Mugler returned to runway this January 26th, 2023 with the Fall Winter 2022-23 collection by Casey Cadwallader.
After a two-year hiatus spent pushing the boundaries of fashion film in a subversive, era-defining suite of short films, Cadwallader re-materialises the Mugler experience. Within the vaulted, industrial hangar of the grand halles de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, the veritable whiplash of our collective experience is personified by a cast of extraordinary characters.
The new concept has been staged as an immersive experience across all channels, and in front of a live audience.
The collection is available at and with selected retail partners.
02 Feb 2023
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