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Who is Willow Smith, the ALIEN GODDESS face?

Who is Willow Smith, the Alien Goddess face?

True incarnation of a new wave of femininity, powerful, talented, spiritual, and connected to the world around her, Willow Smith is the face of Alien Goddess, Mugler newest fragrance. But do you really know who is Willow Smith? She is a modern muse in every sense of her being. A multi-genre singer, actor, writer, producer... at just twenty years old, Willow Smith is a global cultural phenomenon.

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Willow Smith: a deeply profound human being

An inspiring artist and charismatic fashion icon, she also leverages her powerful influence and unique energy for the benefit of causes as diverse as her achievements. Willow has come a long way in her musical journey in a few short years from her breakout hit ‘Whip My Hair’ which garnered millions of views on YouTube. The cool and laid-back California girl has blossomed into a socially and spiritually conscious musician, who is currently signed to the famous Roc Nation label founded by Jay Z.

As Willow continues to move with purpose and intention, she can turn out musical hits with a level of sophistication one would expect from a soul of many years of wisdom and experience. Willow Smith frequently makes time to speak to young women and impart her unique introspective positive views about life to them including self-love is the most important love, a true Goddess sentiment.

Describing her or attempting to summarize her personality and life experiences is not a simple task. Willow is truly out of this world in terms of her depth of understanding of her role and the power she possesses to influence a generation. The ancient vibration she carries with her and her ability to nod to the past and use that to drive growth and creativity in the music and herself, make her an outstanding role model for those growing up around her and those interested in the movement of self-love, self-expression and ultimately self-growth. Her innate style, piercing gaze and magnetic presence make her an inspiring and intensely aspirational symbol for a young generation. Willow Smith is a well-read, intrinsically motivated individual and is both relatable and thought-provoking to all.

The perfect earthly embodiment of Alien Goddess perfume

On being chosen as Mugler muse for the brand newest feminine fragrance, Willow Smith emphatically states: “I am extremely proud to be the face of the new Mugler fragrance. To me, Alien Goddess is a manifesto. It urges us to be wholly ourselves … Beyond that, this new dazzling creation gives us the strength to find the best within ourselves, whoever we are, to accomplish extraordinary things with a positive impact on the world and those around us. It’s a powerful message of kindness, hope and joy’’.

Mugler perfumes and fragrances are innovative, daring, creative, and ground-breaking. Wherever one maybe in the world he/she will always recognize the unforgettable scent of a Mugler fragrance. Willow Smith is the embodiment of augmented femininity, a challenge to societal standards and gender norms. She is undoubtedly the perfect earthly incarnation of this new Mugler fragrance and with her desire, her determination, to move the world the perfect embodiment of what is Mugler today.

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