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We Are All Angel: Mugler’s first set of arty digital collectibles

We Are All Angel: Mugler’s first set of arty digital collectibles

The Mugler brand moving to the metaverse is all about creating a limitless virtual playground with an unlimited space to dream, escape and transform. It therefore seemed very natural, yet historic, for it to operate its first digital collectibles drop augmented by self-identity in 2023. In a way, by encouraging everyone to be their own creation, Mugler has always been metaverse-native. The brand is now about to make it official.
07 Feb 2023

What are digital collectibles?

A digital collectible is a form of financial security consisting of digital data stored in a blockchain, a digital technology that references lists of records. “We Are All Angel” is a collection of crypto-art collectibles created in collaboration with German artist Marc Tudisco and limited to 300 pieces that will roll-out starting February 7, available on the marketplace Opensea.

What will Mugler’s first digital collectible drop look like?

30 Angel crews have been revealed - one for each year of the Angel perfume’s existence. And each of these crews contains 10 variations of the crew’s main Angel design, mounting to 3OO exclusive crypto-art collectibles. Mugler’s Angel crews are set to explore the many augmented facets of femininity. Each of them derives from Tudisco’s fascination with cyberpunk. “The Robotics”, “The Fatales”, “The Chaotics”, a few examples of the crews’ names, are therefore adorned with futuristic beauty looks.

The drop will kickstart on February 7. To discover Angel’s crews, Mugler has developed a platform in collaboration with MediaMonks through which an AI Profiler will guide the buyer via an immersive questionnaire to determine which Angel fits best to their personality. Collectors will be redirected to OpenSea, crypto-art’s largest marketplace, to purchase an yet unrevealed collectible at a price of 0.2 ETH (+/- 300€).

The collection reveal will take place on February 10, when all 10 variations of all 30 crews will be uncovered. From February 20, the new Arty Digital Collectibles owners will be granted the possibility to retrieve their thank you gifts: their digital collectible as metallic print versions, available for doorstep delivery until end of April.

Looking to know more about this collaboration? It’s coming soon.

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