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Anok Yai the new Alien muse

Mugler Alien Hypersense Campaign : Behind the Scenes

In the world of fragrance, there are those campaigns that not only captivate but also transport you to a realm where scent becomes a visceral experience. Mugler, renowned for its audacious approach to fashion and fragrance, has once again redefined the art of olfactory storytelling with their Alien Hypersense Eau de Parfum campaign. It's an immersive journey, a hyper-sensory adventure that defies convention and leaves an indelible mark on your senses.
19 Feb 2024

The Senses Unleashed: A Visual Feast

At the heart of this enchanting narrative is Anok Yai, a model whose star is ascending at the speed of light. She's part of the illustrious Mugler family and, in this campaign, she embodies the epitome of transformation and empowerment. Alien Hypersense, as brought to life by director Daniel Sannwald and styled by the visionary Casey Cadwallader, pushes the boundaries of what fragrance advertising can be.

The campaign begins with a drop of perfume gracing the skin of Mugler's leather-clad muse. This moment marks the genesis of Anok's odyssey, a journey of profound transformation, both internally and externally. Her newfound power is nothing short of fierce, yet she carries herself with an elegant grace that never wavers. With every step, she transcends the limitations of her senses, becoming an entity that is equal parts seductive, dangerous, feminine, and hypnotic.

In this surreal world, you can't help but be drawn to Anok. She doesn't ask for your attention; she demands it. Her allure is irresistible, and she's coming for you, inviting you to partake in her weird and wonderful transmutation. As the campaign unfolds, we traverse between a decontextualized white space and an alternate reality bathed in solarized red and purple lights. Anok's transformation into a feline-like being is an astonishing spectacle. Each of her senses is awakened and intensified, a visual feast for the viewer.

Touch. The fragrance graces her skin, and her metamorphosis begins.
Sight. Her irises turn pink, her pupils become feline-like, and her vision becomes vivid, crystal-clear, and vibrantly colored.
Scent. A storm of hologram-like UV-lit flowers rushes toward the camera.
Taste. She licks her lips sensuously, revealing an enigmatic quality that keeps us mesmerized.
Hearing. Her nails morph into claws, and with an eerie ASMR quality, they scrape against the walls of a hallway. You can't help but feel her approach.

The Climax and Initiation

The climax of the campaign comes as she leaps toward the camera, catching the bottle of Alien Hypersense Eau de Parfum and spraying it, inviting you to share in her transformation. To become your own inner Alien. She licks her hand, eyes glowing in the dark, a gesture that feels like an initiation into a secret world of empowerment and allure. The camera gradually recedes, and the Alien muse strikes a hieratic pose, fading into the purple-red-orange glow of Alien Hypersense. The bottle materializes against an eerie, shifting, purple and ultraviolet background, revealing the fragrance that holds the promise of a transcendental olfactory experience.

Mugler's Alien Hypersense campaign is a testament to the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional advertising. Anok Yai, the enigmatic muse, embodies the essence of transformation, power, and allure. In her eyes, in the scent that surrounds her, we find ourselves invited to experience a world that is both hypnotic and wonderfully strange, urging us to unleash our inner Alien and embrace the transformative power of scent. Mugler has once again redefined the sensory art of fragrance advertising, proving that, in the realm of Alien Hypersense, the ordinary is an alien concept.

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