Thierry Mugler Brand About MUGLER Background


MUGLER’s creative vision reflects a unique view of the world, which breaks codes and defies conventions. A fusion of opposites, the MUGLER universe is an experimental laboratory. MUGLER defends a disruptive, avant-garde approach to the world through the prism of Monsieur Mugler’s imagination, influenced by culture.

The brand explores a constantly evolving, multifaceted vision of femininity and gender.

The constant search for innovation combines both old and new technologies, with the belief that traditional expertise can be transcended into contemporary creations. Alternative cultures, art, and humor serve to turn away from existing codes, with the goal of democratizing fashion and fragrance and making them a platform for individuality and personal fulfillment.

The MUGLER experience offers everyone the pleasure of transforming themselves, the giddiness of transcending themselves, the power of shaping their own image... In both fashion and fragrance, MUGLER unsettles, inspires, and accomplishes, reconciling the demands of the extraordinary with the surprise of the outrageous.

Our challenge is to preserve the brand’s spectacular spirit while anchoring it in reality through our ready-to-wear collections.
My mission? To create the contemporary image of the MUGLER woman.

Casey Cadwallader, Artistic Director of MUGLER fashion

The MUGLER blue

One of the major elements of Monsieur Mugler’s universe is the blue color of the sky: a blue that enables us to dream, to escape; a symbol of freedom...

MUGLER blue embodies the sky, its infinite and incomprehensible space, the cosmic immensity, and the notion of eternity. A celestial, dreamlike symbol, blue is the color of the imaginary, impalpable, and unpredictable. It evokes the strange beauty of the universe.
Blue embodies the dreams and the absolute that MUGLER wishes to offer women..

From the catwalk to the fashion house, MUGLER blue is an iconic color. A color so emblematic, it boldly became the face of the designer’s first fragrance: Angel.

The star

With its five elongated, asymmetrical points, the MUGLER Star is a timeless, universally recognized symbol.

It is the perfect representation of the brand’s celestial and grandiose universe. It has established itself over time as the signature emblem of the brand’s universe, symbolizing the embodiment of the future, of luck, and of success. Ethereal yet tangible, it is the incarnation of dreams in real life, of a world within everyone’s reach.
A part of the couture brand’s universe since its beginnings, well before the birth of the fragrance, the star has marked all of its creations: fashion, accessories, leather goods, jewelry and more. The star has been and always will be the symbol of MUGLER creation.