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The Codes

MUGLER codes

The endless contemplation of Strasbourg’s Cathedral celestial ceiling by a young Thierry Mugler has given birth to two of the signature codes that continue to embody MUGLER's Magic today: the star and the iconic blue.
The star, a positive and universal symbol, has become the brand’s lucky charm punctuating every creation of the brand. A multi-faceted and architectural object, its very essence resonates with MUGLER's esthetics. Manfred Thierry Mugler naturally dedicated the sophisticated and carefully carved bottle of his first perfume, Angel, to its fetish symbol. With their five tapered points and different shapes, these crystalline works of art symbolize the center of an ever-expanding universe. Today, the star continues to dazzle the MUGLER galaxy.
The MUGLER blue, MUGLER's second myth, is synonymous with the sky and infinity. Cosmic and spiritual, it is an ever-mysterious and inspiring colour for the brand, that lives on through Angel, the first blue fragrance ever created, and through MUGLER ready-to-wear collections. The MUGLER blue is unique and its Pantone reference is exclusive to the brand.