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When the star describes Mugler
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When the star describes Mugler

  - So Mugler  

Cosmic, yet tangible. Shooting past, yet timeless. Faraway and incredibly close – a star is as much magic as reality. A point of absolute equilibrium. It perfectly reflects the world of Thierry Mugler, and his stellar career...

As a child,

he preferred the benches of his local park to the school benches that waited in vain for him. He was in his own world, with only the skies and himself for company. The stars comforted and calmed him, like a Guardian Angel, when the twilight turned into winter nights, above him in his native Alsace.

As a classical dancer,

he could almost touch those stars, part of the corps de ballet at the National Opera of the Rhine. He had joined the famously disciplined Strasbourg company at 14. The teenager trained rigorously and with his exceptional sensitivity to bodily expression, he soon found himself a star dancer on stage in Paris...

Stars have been
lucky for me
ever since I was
a child
Thierry Mugler

As a fashion designer,

he continued to draw inspiration from stars. Sparkling divas, sublime warrior queens, modern heroines, Fifties Hollywood starlets – they filled his imagination, fueling his visions... until his designs exalted the lucky celestial charm hidden among the folds of their material.

As a perfume creator,

he paid lyrical homage to the stars by designing the skilfully handcrafted and faceted bottle for Angel Eau de Parfum, featuring five elongated points to symbolise the centre of an ever-expanding universe.

A whole galaxy of creations, from bottles to Angel campaigns, displaying the now-famous symbolic star.

As a showman,

he gathers a constellation of stars on stage, mingling the sparkling magic of choreography, singing, acrobatics and burlesque in spectacular shows like Mugler Follies and The Wyld… Brilliant.

Thierry Mugler's« blue star » is forever rising.

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