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Creating a MUGLER Perfume

Thierry Mugler Savoir Faire Olfactory construction page

In the world of perfumery, the MUGLER brand is considered a troublemaker. Boldly treading paths where no one else has dared to venture, delving deep into the imagination, MUGLER perfumes like Angel and Alien are unique and instantly identifiable. They are unique creations thanks to the overdose of powerful notes and the skilful craft of perfumers; they captivate the senses by contrasting high quality ingredients. This is how Angel was born: the first ever Oriental Gourmand in the history of perfumery. A fragrance of pure excess metamorphosing the woman who wears it and revealing her different facets. Alien awakens the goddess who slumbers in each woman, while A*Men materialises the contemporary masculine hero each man aspires to be. MUGLER harmony found in contrasts.