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The Spring Summer 2020 Collection

Urgent and uninhibited, the Mugler Collection for Spring Summer 2020 ignites a bold discourse of human sexuality in our hypermodernist world.
03 Oct 2019

Charting the full spectrum of streamlined shapewear, Casey Cadwallader proposes a sentient representation of the Mugler identity: one granted with the clarity of choice and the freedom of self-expression.

By fusing archival leitmotifs of construction with new developments in garment-making, the collection embodies a liberated, sculptural quality. The historical foundation of the corset is rebuilt as a second skin – now supple and forgiving, it reveals the technical prowess of the Mugler atelier. Encrusted in tailoring, the hourglass silhouette continues as lingerie sheaths with a textured translucence reflected in engineered hosiery and harness gloves.


Controlled volumes counter this delicate armour, from puffed drawstring shells to breezy scarf blazers, slashed column and dropped ruffle skirts. Trousers lift and shape in paneled crepe, tailored wool, and new zipped spiral denim. In a softer play of asymmetric drape, placed ombré prints in shirred jersey and satin separates resolve the collection’s blocked, colour theory – mingling warm and cool shades from acid yellow and cornflower to burgundy, violet or ultra blue. Sleek chrome accents define footwear and jewellery, as fountain chain switches and laced knifepoint sandals reflect the season’s cerebral sex appeal.

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