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Alien and the amethyst stone: extraordinary powers

25 Sep 2019

A personification of her fragrance with a sun-drenched trail, the Alien woman is powerful, radiant and fresh. She conjures up nature’s power and the mysteries of the sacred female. Like the power from its bottle, inspired by the amethyst stone, which, according to legend, is of divine origin.

The Amethyst legend:
a divine history

In Roman mythology, Amethyst was a mortal of incomparable beauty. Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and other earthly pleasures, fell in love with her enchanting voice. Refusing to give in to his increasingly persistent advances, Amethyst sought out the goddess Diana. With such purity at the mercy of Bacchus’s urges, she decided to turn the beautiful Amethyst into white stone.

Bacchus was filled with emotion by virtue of Amethyst, and, as he gazed upon the simple stone before him, he resolved to devote all of his love to her. He took the most beautiful, dark purple bunch from his crown of grapes and crushed it against the rock. He continued to refine the grapes and color the stone with a radiant violet. With his work completed, he endowed the beautiful Amethyst with kindness and temperance. As such, throughout Antiquity, amethyst wearers were protected against drunken advances.

Uses and properties
of the amethyst gemstone

The amethyst is a quartz crystal which can vary from mauve to violet in color and can be found in deposits on every continent. It is known as a semi-precious stone and has been used in jewelry making since ancient times. In the Middle Ages, clergymen would set it into rings to ward off human passions. Its purple, almost iridescent color decorated the windows of medieval cathedrals and crowns across Europe and Russia.

A mineral used by lovers of crystal healing, the amethyst possesses calming properties: it restores balance and serenity, protects from nightmares, improves memory and contributes to peace and relaxation. Associated with wisdom and humility, the amethyst also has the reputation of stimulating creativity.

The avant-garde MUGLER fragrance house, with its unique olfactory expertise, is inspired by the amethyst to color the glassware of its Alien Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette Bottles designed like talismans which are charged with positive energy..


For its new Alien communication with the radiant Jourdan Dunn the MUGLER Creative Studio has reinterpreted the Alien fragrance bottle giving it a more trimmed-down look. While keeping its original style, the glass work has been simplified by removing the signature gold claw on the base and rounding the angular shoulders.

Alien: a luminous bottle of divine origin for a fragrance surrounded by a halo of solar femininity.

"This was the bottle’s original shape, so it’s going back to its roots. We redesigned the bottle to look more luminous. It feels softer in your hand. Lowering the shoulders let in more light"


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