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Learn more about Aura Mugler

Alien perfume

AURA MUGLER is the expression of a powerful and intuitive force: instinct. Inherently sensory, the unique instinctive signature has been revisited in a captivating, carnal interpretation that explores a new facet of Aura Mugler’s sensuality, ardent and exalted, pushed to the extreme. The emblematic AURA MUGLER heart bottle is wrapped in a delicate pearly pink veil with iridescent facets. Aura Sensuelle Eau de Parfum is a Floral Musky Carnal fragrance that blends floral freshness and carnal sensuality.

A sensual and carnal Eau de Parfum that blends Tiger Liana, a powerful White Musk, and a floral Gardenia accord with radiant and creamy notes.

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Thierry Mugler Aura perfume
Aura perfume


Aura MUGLER embodies the spirit of women who love life and who seek authenticity. Women who are poised to explore their innermost self, who tap into their senses to unveil an unexpected force within. Women who trust their instincts to express their individuality, a fresh femininity that is intuitive and powerful. All it takes is an awakening to listen to your inner voice. Do you dare to listen to yourself? Listen to your instincts.

Multifaceted like a heart-shaped gem and set with a metal M for MUGLER,
the Aura MUGLER bottle embodies the universal emblem of love, the wellspring of life, the emotional core and intuition.

Aura perfume
Aura perfume


Like a beating heart, the kaleidoscopic facets of this fragrance sparkle like a precious emerald stone. The deep, luminous green color evokes dreams of a magical forest and the colour of life.

Our fine glass bottles can be kept forever as they* are easily refilled again and again.


A simple act for sustainability and a responsible ritual for continuity. The Aura MUGLER bottle can be refilled in a flash allowing you to endlessly give new life to your favourite fragrance. Practical,
eco-friendly and eternally chic. Refill at the MUGLER Source or refill it at home with a refill bottle.

*Excluding Limited Editions and non-refillable bottles.

Aura perfume


To reach all facets of your scent, the Aura MUGLER range of bath & body formulas allow you to perfect the base for a clean Aura scent that lasts all day. Perfuming shower gels, creams, lotions, mists and sprays make layering of Aura possible, thanks to the Intense Diffusion System (IDS) included in every formula.

Welcome to The Circle, the best way to indulge in your MUGLER addiction and having exclusive privileges.

Aura MUGLER embodies the instinctive femininity of a woman in touch with her senses and deepest desires. A women’s perfume that radiates a wild blend of botanical freshness and feline sensuality. A fragrance with life and pulsating energy that reveals a woman's heart, her unique aura. Discover Aura MUGLER Eau de Parfum, the heart-shaped bottle with lumious facets or body lotion. Show you care for mother earth by refilling your emerald green heart with theAura perfume refill bottle. Intuitive and bold, Aura MUGLER celebrates the free and daring women. Are you this woman? Sensitive, sensual and fierce?