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Angel earned true star status as the first gourmand fragrance ever created, seducing us since 1992. The iconic perfume is an addictive feminine fragrance that is both tender and powerful, bringing out the star in you.

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Our latest dream-boat, Angel Eau Croisière is a sunny blend of fragrances. Its energizing facet creates a sparkling cocktail of succulent mango, juicy grapefruit and tangy blackcurrant sorbet. Its voluptuous facet is reminiscent of Angel's gourmand signature with addictive notes of patchouli and praline. Take your olfactory senses on a journey with Angel Eau Croisière.

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In 1992 Monsieur Mugler revolutionized the world of perfumery with Angel, a new gourmand family of fragrances. Angel was a trailblazer, Patchouli and Praline riding the vanguard of perfumery. It ushered in a new trend: the chypre family was back in fashion. Angel gives women license to reach for the stars. Her star guides her on this thrilling adventure to make all her dreams come true. Her exquisitely sensual fragrance guides her on this journey, giving her the perseverance and pleasure she needs.

To create the most beautiful bottles, MUGLER wished to do the impossible: sculpt the stars.

Angel perfume
Angel perfume


Directly inspired by the great tradition of bottlemaking, the Brosse master glassmakers made nearly one thousand attempts over two years in order to achieve the star imagined by the designer.

The simplicity of the MUGLER Source and the Eco-Refill bottles allows you to rediscover your perfume and to breathe new life into your bottle.


At MUGLER, our bottles are designed for infinite use*. Treasure this unique object and support responsible luxury by refilling your bottle at the MUGLER Source fragrance fountain or refilling it at home with the Eco-Refill bottles.

*Excluding Limited Editions and non-refillable bottles.

Angel perfume



To reach all facets of your scent, the Angel range of bath & body lines allows you to wear your favourite MUGLER scent that lasts all day. Perfuming shower gels, creams, lotions, mists and sprays make layering of Angel possible, thanks to the Intense Diffusion System (IDS) included in every formula.

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  • To start the day off or to wrap it up, this delicately perfumed shower gel will have you hopping in the shower at every opportunity.
    The delicate blue gel evokes star-laden skies and lathers into a rich and foamy mousse when wet to wake and moisturise the skin. The shower gel is pH-neutral so it cleans gently, softly, never harshly and above all, it leaves the light sensual trace of Angel perfume.
    A heaveny Angel moment.

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MUGLER’s Angel perfume, the best perfume for women who are angelic, devilish, or a little bit of both. Held in a star-shaped bottle with luminous facets, it is distant yet near, tiny yet immense, timely yet classic. With an overdose of sensual and sweet notes, this seductive women’s perfume is rich with bergamot, sweet red fruits, vanilla, caramel and patchouli. Spray yourself with this irresistible Eau de Parfum gourmand fragrance, Angel perfume Eau Sucrée, Angel perfume 50ml, Angel Star Perfume, or choose the more delicate scent of the Angel body lotion. The legendary Angel perfume bottles are sustainably designed as they can be refillable for life at the Angel perfume refiller Source, or with an Angel perfume refill bottle.