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Angel nova

Angel nova,
Eau de parfum

Angel Nova, the newest star in the MUGLER fragrances universe.
MUGLER dedicates its new Angel Nova fragrance to bold women who make their dreams a reality.
Almost thirty years after the creation of Angel, MUGLER shines a new light on its iconic fragrance and the woman who embodies it.

Aura perfume
Aura perfume


The star-shaped bottle, a symbol of the MUGLER brand, is now proudly positioned vertically and adorned with pink. With this raspberry pink gradient, MUGLER disrupts its own codes to better symbolize boldness, desire and reinvention.

The ANGEL NOVA Star is endlessly refillable. You can always refill your bottle when it runs dry.

Welcome to The Circle, the best way to indulge in your MUGLER addiction and having exclusive privileges.

MUGLER’s Angel perfume, the best perfume for women who are angelic, devilish, or a little bit of both. Held in a star-shaped bottle with luminous facets, it is distant yet near, tiny yet immense, timely yet classic. With an overdose of sensual and sweet notes, this seductive women’s perfume is rich with bergamot, sweet red fruits, vanilla, caramel and patchouli. Spray yourself with this irresistible Eau de Parfum gourmand fragrance, Angel perfume Eau Sucrée, Angel perfume 50ml, Angel Star Perfume, or choose the more delicate scent of the Angel body lotion. The legendary Angel perfume bottles are sustainably designed as they can be refillable for life at the Angel perfume refiller Source, or with an Angel perfume refill bottle.