Beware of Alien


Awakening the strength of the sun

MUGLER's Alien perfume is a rich bewitching essence that illuminates and reveals the feminine power. The rich notes of this women’s perfume parallel women's strengths: powerful jasmine sambac and cashmeran wood, rich and mellow white amber create a fragrance to unleash every woman's celestial being.

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Alien perfume

Light and infinity

Alien resonates as an invitation to go on a journey: mysterious, captivating, and benevolent... Alien reveals the light within you. A radiant, vivacious, and intensely enveloping fragrance, it radiates positive energy. Alien leads us towards multiple infinities and gives us a new dawn, brighter than ever.

The Alien Eau de Parfum bottle was designed to be a talisman charged with Mother Nature’s energy, a precious stone with secret powers.

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Alien perfume


Cut like an emerald, set in gold like a diamond, the amethyst-colored bottle unleashes an extraordinary, soothing burst of radiance. Alien, an innately strange name, is engraved on the glass in its own alphabet and is therefore inexpressible. A mystical, timeless bottle; an eternal, precious stone.

Our fine glass bottles can be kept forever as they* can be easily refilled again and again.


A simple act for sustainability and a responsible ritual for continuity. The Alien bottle can be refilled in a flash allowing you to endlessly give new life to your favourite fragrance. Practical, eco-friendly and eternally chic. Refill at the MUGLER Source fragrance fountain or refill it at home with an eco-refill bottle.

*Excluding Limited Editions and non-refillable bottles.

Alien perfume



To reach all facets of your scent, the Alien range of bath & body formulas allow you to perfect the base for a clean Alien scent that lasts all day. Perfuming shower gels, creams, lotions, mists and sprays make layering of Alien possible, thanks to the Intense Diffusion System (IDS) included in every formula.

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