Alien Man


Manly radiance

Alien invents her male alter ego. Her double. The other side of the monolith.

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Alien Man perfume


True to its name in every sense, Alien symbolizes this mysterious part within all of us waiting to reveal itself. Manly radiance resplendent with the strength and serenity of a demigod, that yields the masculine Alien Man.

Alien Man perfume
Thierry Mugler Alien perfume


The source amethyst, Alien’s signature maintains its architectural angles yet asserts its masculinity. An unimaginably dark, calming, otherworldly blue that gives way to deep purple hues. A graphic, minimalist version of its female alter ego. Clean lines and smooth facets are set off with a single streak of solid silver. A surreal relic from another world, it symbolizes the passage from shadow to light.

Our fine glass bottles can be kept forever as they* can be easily refilled again and again.


A simple act showing commitment to sustainability and responsible beauty. The Alien Man bottle can be refilled in a flash allowing you to endlessly give new life to your favourite fragrance. Practical,
eco-friendly and eternally chic. Refill at the MUGLER Source or refill it at home with a refill bottle.

*Excluding Limited Editions and
non-refillable bottles.

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Alien perfume



More than just a fragrance, it is an experience. Alien Man is accompanied by a body care range for men in search of renewal. Unmistakably a routine and a MUGLER attitude with a hair and body shampoo and a spray deodorant.

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The promise of a unique revelation, Alien has been reinvented with its alter ego, the Alien Man fragrance. Demigod, discover the strength and the energy of this new men’s fragrance. In search of the ultimate lifestyle, Alien Man brings you on a brand new magnetic adventure. Guided by this infinite desire of freedom, the fragrance reveals a personality more powerful and determined than ever. With heady notes of leather, cashmere and wood, the Alien Man’s masculinity becomes stronger when harmonised with the Alien perfume for women.