Beware of Angels


The new Alien chapter reveals a femininity more spectacular than ever before. Amber, woody and floral, the iconic fragrance reveals a divine force.



We create fragrances to connect people with their emotions.
We believe in fragrances that are designed to entertain, to tempt, to thrill...
Addiction is our signature.
We are trouble makers.

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With its timeless and eternal fragrances, the house of MUGLER enchants generation after generation, creating women’s perfumes and men’s aftershaves so unique that they may never be forgotten. The visionary designer Mr. Mugler creates exceptional fragrances, all so different and extraordinary: Angel perfume, Angel Muse, Alien perfume, A*Men, Mugler Cologne. Those incredible fragrances full of character that are instantly recognisable. Encapsulated in a beautiful perfume bottle, your MUGLER perfume is a true gem. Show the unique facets of your personality with a MUGLER perfume. Powerful, contrasted, creative… there is one MUGLER perfume for every type of woman and man.

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