Perfume does not hide
the body, it adorns it.
Thierry Mugler

A veil of blue light

Create a never imagined, never seen, never felt fragrance. A dream yesterday, a reality today. Angel wears like a second skin. An intimate perfume, the legendary Angel star was the first sensual gourmand fragrance. The Angel bottle pierces through the light to leave behind a radiating vision of glamour.

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The movie

Blue is the colour of the imaginary,
the impalpable, the unpredictable.
Thierry Mugler

behind the scenes

English directors Warren du Prezz and Nick Thorton Jones are behind the new sensory Angel campaign. As true image-makers, the duo have harnessed light and portrayed Angel as an object, sculpting rays to sweep over the many facets, letting the imagination run wild towards more intense sensuality.

The fragrance and its facets

Angel is a fragrance of paradox.
Three in particular.

Celestial facet Angel brings fullness and serenity with elements of wind, air and sky… It’s a fragrance of freshness and freedom.

GOURMAND FACET The memories of childhood are expressed; carelessness, laughs and flavours.

Voluptuous facet Extreme femininity and elegance captivate and interrogate in turn; exploring patchouli and incandescent vanilla.

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Angel in 5 lessons

At its launch, Angel redefined the codes of perfumery and charted the path of a trail as inimitable as deeply captivating. Angel, the mythical fragrance reveals in 5 inspirations.

Lesson n°1
Lesson n°2
Lesson n°3
Lesson n°4
Lesson n°5

The Art of Refilling

An Angel bottle is designed to last forever. Like a work of art, it's an object that is preserved and admired. In order to preserve the precious bottle, MUGLER has returned to the traditional use of perfume fountains. The bottles can be infinitely refilled at the Mugler Source or with the Eco-Refill bottles. Bring your perfume back to life in a precious gesture.

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Angel Star

Angel Star

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