These Terms and Conditions apply to contractual relations between AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK and its customers within the operational scope of the MUGLER Perfumes Loyalty Program.


The MUGLER Perfumes Loyalty Program (hereinafter “The Circle”) is operated by AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 12113507, whose registered office and main trading office is at 255 Hammersmith Road, London W6 8AZ, United Kingdom. The Circle can be accessed at the following URL:www.mugler.co.uk.

The purpose of The Circle is to enable its participants (“Members”) to receive special benefits and services when purchasing MUGLER products on www.mugler.co.uk or at licensed physical or virtual retail outlets within the MUGLER selective distribution network in the United Kingdom.

By joining The Circle, each Member confirms that they have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions and that they agree to comply with them.


In these Terms and Conditions, the expressions below shall have the following meaning:

"Unique Code": the unique code is printed inside the MUGLER Perfumes product boxes. It comprises 11 characters (i.e. NHTSX9HZ9JC).

“Refill Receipt”: store receipt or refill invoice of a refill fragrance sold from a licensed physical retail outlet within the MUGLER selective distribution network.

"Website": the www.mugler.co.uk website is both the corporate and e-commerce website of the MUGLER brand run by AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK in the United Kingdom. It provides access to The Circle. The website is published by:

eCommera Limited
Wells Point, 79 Wells Street, 1st floor,
London W1T 3QN United Kingdom
Tel: +44 207 291 5800

"Member": any person over the age of 18 residing in the United Kingdom who has consented to participate in The Circle when creating an account on www.mugler.co.uk.

"The Circle": the MUGLER Perfumes loyalty program operated by AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK.


  1. Membership in The Circle is open to any person:
  • over the age of 18 years old who resides in the United Kingdom;
  • who has given their consent to AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK to participate in The Circle when creating a personal account on www.mugler.co.uk; and
  • who has filled out the registration form to create a personal account on www.mugler.co.uk, specifying their required personal information (last name, first name, email address).

Members attest to the accuracy of all the information provided throughout the duration of their membership. AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK reserves the right to request documentation at any time to prove the identity of a person who wants to subscribe or has subscribed to The Circle, notably if they possess the same name as another member. Any changes will be made immediately online or referred to Customer Relations in a timely manner.

Membership in The Circle is effective as of the confirmation of account creation by the Customer. Membership is name-based, personal, and reserved for the personal, not professional, use of individuals.

Membership in The Circle is valid for an unlimited period of time subject to the provisions set out in section 6 of these Terms and Conditions. The Member is entitled to withdraw his/her participation in The Circle at any time. He/she must request withdrawal by contacting the Customer Relations department by email at the following email address: customer.relations@muglerstore.co.uk.

  1. The Member shall identify him/herself with each connection to the Website using his/her email address and a password chosen beforehand, or by mail or phone to Customer Relations using his/her email address or mailing address, last name and first name.

Any changes in the Member's personal information (address, name, or any other indication that may be required to manage his/her participation) should be communicated as soon as possible to the customer relations department by email at Customer.Relations@Muglerstore.co.uk, or online under the "My account" section of the www.mugler.co.uk website.



Purchase declarations are converted into surprises and special benefits. Surprises are allocated on a monthly basis depending on the number of purchases registered by participants.

Methods for registering purchases

  1. MUGLER products with a Unique Code:
    Members may register purchases by using the 11-character unique code printed inside the MUGLER product’s box (i.e. NHTSX9HZ9JC).
    The unique code must be registered in the special form available on the Member's online account on “My account” section or emailed to the following address: Customer.Relations@Muglerstore.co.uk.
    AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK reserves the right to request the Member provide additional proof of purchase to validate participation in the Circle or registration of purchases.
  2. MUGLER products without a Unique Code:
    E-gift cards, travel size products and the samples bar do not have unique codes: you will not be rewarded when you purchase these items. All other MUGLER products should have a unique code.
    Members may register a purchase that does not have a unique code only in the case of a fragrance refill in store, by using the Refill Receipt.
    The Refill Receipt must be current (i.e. within the last 12 months) and must be sent via email to AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK, along with the duly completed form intended for this purpose which is available for download on www.mugler.co.uk, either:
    • by email to the following email address:
    • or online at: www.mugler.co.uk. The store receipt or the refill invoice must be sent in the form of a digital photograph saved as a JPEG or PNG. Digital photos are only valid if they show the entire store receipt or invoice indicating the place name, date and time of purchase. The Member must have underlined the product(s) purchased, as well as the entire refill receipt.

AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK reserves the right to reject images that are incomplete or illegible as well as receipts or invoices bearing a name other than the name of the Member.

AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK reserves the right to reject modified or illegible refill receipts, store receipts or invoices.

The information on the store receipts or invoices (namely, store name, city, date and time of purchase, name of the MUGLER or other products purchased, quality, and price) is subject to digital processing per the terms and conditions set out in section 4 of these Terms and Conditions.

The Member’s account shall be increased by the number of declared purchases earned once the information is entered into the system.

The Member may check that the unique codes or the proofs of purchase (i.e. Refill Receipts) which he/she registered online have been taken into account in the "Declared purchases history" section on the homepage of his/her Circle area. Only the name of the purchased product is indicated, not its price.

It should be noted that, we currently do not accept receipts sent via post. We are unable to guarantee these will be processed or returned should these be sent via post.


The Circle entitles Members to receive special advantages and promotional offers such as invitations to private sales or events.

AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK is not obligated to send all the special offers to every Member.


  1. AZZARO MUGLER Beauté, headquartered at 14, rue Royale, 75008 Paris France, registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Paris under number 380 363 754 and AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK are jointly liable for processing personal data for The Circle Loyalty Program.
  2. Information collected verbally by Customer Service or in writing on www.mugler.co.uk or by e-mail are subject to digital processing for the purpose of processing the Member requests, granting them the advantages earned for The Circle, sending them offers, news and personalised advertisements based on their previous purchases and/or interests, and to compile statistics and reports.
  3. This information is intended for AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK and any of its contractors acting for the purposes cited above.
  4. AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK saves this information for a period of three years from the date of the last purchase or contact.
  5. Members have a right to view, rectify, delete, and transfer their personal information as well as a right to oppose and restrict processing by emailing Customer Relations, at Customer.Relations@Muglerstore.co.uk.
  6. Members may obtain additional information on AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK’s personal data policy on the Privacy Policy page.


At any time, AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK reserves the right to cancel, substitute or modify all or any part of The Circle as well as the advantages and services offered within the scope of this program subject to a 1 month notice period, to allow Members to use their benefits. AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK shall inform Members of these changes by any means it deems most appropriate (website posting, letter by mail, email, text, etc.). These advantages will be lost if not used within this time period.


  1. AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK is released of all liability for any direct or indirect consequences of any defects or malfunctions of The Circle, regardless of their cause. In the event of any malfunctions or disruptions, AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK shall make every effort to enable Members to maintain benefits they have earned. Members attest to have been thoroughly informed of the inherent features of the Internet and particularly of the fact that the reliability of transmitting data over the internet is merely relative, as these data are transported over non-similar networks with varying characteristics and capacities and may be saturated at certain times of day in such a way that may affect download times or data accessibility and that the Internet is an open network and, consequently, the information it carries is not protected against any risk of diversion or intrusion on their system, data pirating, programs and files on their system, contamination by computer viruses, and that it is the Member's responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect the data, files or programs stores on their system against contamination by virus and intrusion attempts to their system.
  2. AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK reserves the right to refuse or retract Circle membership to anyone who does not abide by these Terms and Conditions. Any breach of these Terms and conditions by a Member or a third party acting on behalf of a Member, any misuse or fraudulent use of advantages received, any forgery of the information provided to AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK or any behaviour by the Member that is considered detrimental to the interests of AZZARO MUGLER Beauté UK., will automatically lead to the Member's removal from The Circle.
  3. Account removal or closure results in the loss of membership, namely the balance of unique codes or refill receipts declared, and neither the Member nor any third party may claim any compensation whatsoever. The rights associated with the purchase amounts registered are lost (namely the balance of registered purchases and benefits), and the Member or third/eligible party may not request the conversion of this amount into surprises or claim any compensation whatsoever.


The Site and the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions are subject to French law.

Last updated on 01/04/2020, in Paris, France.