Angel Nova, a dream of perfumers

Angel Nova by MUGLER is an innovative fragrance. An inspiring Eau de Parfum that combines an addictive fruity scent with a supernatural rose and vibrant woody notes. Behind this ultra-feminine fragrance trail lies a trio of perfumers: Sonia Constant, Quentin Bisch and Louise Turner. These creators have followed their dreams by using their noses…to discover a new scent. The story of one unique aspect of perfume-making expertise.


Angel Nova

Pour For Angel Nova, MUGLER has reinterpreted a key ingredient, the most legendary and undoubtedly one of the oldest in perfumery: the rose. While botanists have counted nearly 3,000 varieties of roses around the world, perfumers choose only two for their extraordinary olfactory qualities. Among them, the Damascena Rose – with fresh, fruity and slightly lemony notes, sourced from Turkey or Bulgaria. A natural raw material that MUGLER wanted to shape, transform and enhance. The result: a supernatural rose with a scent that didn’t previously exist on the perfumers’ palette.


In the vegetal world, flowers use so-called "precursor" cells during their gorwth in order to attract pollinators by their colo or their smell. In the case of the rose, the same celles determine either odorous molecules or coloring molecules. In other words, the queen of flowers grows according to her whim, which is why most species of coloring roses are the least fragrant - and vice versa!

Thanks to a unique biotechnological process, MUGLER is able to extract and transform the color molecules – responsible for the pigmentation of the rose petals – into scent molecules. The perfumers have therefore fulfilled an incredible dream by discovering a new scent : a rose with textured, leathery and sensual notes.



Angel Nova is a Fruity-Floral-Woody Eau de Parfum that bears the signature of its perfumers: Sonia Constant’s passion, at the heart of this new rose; Louise Turner's vision of femininity, which has provided both a floral and woody structure; and Quentin Bisch’s energy, infused in a fruity blast as soon as it opens.

An olfactory harmony that can also be found on screen.

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