Which Responsible Gift Should You Give to Your Loved Ones?

Which Responsible Gift Should You Give to Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season?

This holiday season, we’ll be happier than ever to join our loved ones for the holiday season. A wonderful opportunity to spend genuine moments with friends and family and to give unique gifts to your nearest and dearest. But how can you combine the joy of giving, the delight of receiving and responsible purchasing?

Since the beginning, MUGLER has always upheld a vision of responsible luxury with ecodesign at the heart of its concerns. Over the years, MUGLER has rewritten the rules of traditional perfumery by offering the possibility of refilling your bottle over and over again so that you never have to go without your favorite fragrance.

The MUGLER Fountain, an Innovative Service Dedicated to Responsible Luxury

For MUGLER, ecodesign is at the heart of the promise of a more responsible and virtuous luxury. Since the launch of Angel in 1992, MUGLER has innovated by offering a unique service that allows customers to keep their precious bottles and fill them as many times as they like, first with Angel, then Alien, then Aura MUGLER. The MUGLER Fountain was born. Reinvented in 2019, the new Fountain was developed entirely using an eco-design approach inspired by the circular economy. Each part can be removed and thereby replaced, which puts the emphasis on durability, conservation, and reuse rather than manufacturing a whole new fountain.


Refill Bottles Are Eternal Bottles

MUGLER encourages the reuse of its bottles which are shaped like timeless works of art. During this period of staying at home, MUGLER offers you the possibility to refill your bottle over and over from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the Refill Bottles. PExtend the addictive scent of your favorite perfume thanks to Angel Eau de Parfum, Angel Nova Eau de Parfum, Alien Eau de Parfum, Aura MUGLER Eau de Parfum, Alien Man Eau de Toilette Refill Bottles.*

*Availability according to eligible fragrances.

Made from responsibly sourced ingredients, MUGLER perfumes make a beautiful gesture for your loved ones and demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

Responsible Luxury for Women

MUGLER perfumes are addictive fragrances made from meticulously selected and responsibly sourced ingredients. More than just a signature scent, MUGLER fragrances pave the way toward a new era that cares about nature, resources and local communities.

One of our key ingredients, Sambac Jasmine, sits at the heart of the radiant and floral Alien Eau de Parfum. It is hand-picked at dawn, before its buds blossom, ensuring the highest olfactory quality. To ensure that this sustainable supply is monitored and that producers are fairly remunerated in order to ensure social equity, the Sambac Jasmine is carefully selected in Mysore, in the south of India, by the perfume house IFF-Laboratoire Monique Rémy in association with its partner Nesso.

Then there'spatchouli abundantly present in MUGLER Angel Eau de Parfum and Angel Eau de Toilette dwhich provides an unmistakable, addictive scent. Patchouli leaves are selected by the Givaudan fragrance house, harvested then distilled on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia thanks to an exclusive source.

With its rare organic and ethical quality, the Bourbon Vanilla in Aura MUGLER Eau de Parfum is sustainably sourced from our partnership with Firmenich. Harvested in Madagascar, it has been ECOCERT certified since 2005, Fairtrade certified since 2008, and Rainforest Alliance certified since 2011. The olfactory quality of Bourbon Vanilla gives Aura MUGLER the feline and sensual vibration of a beating heart.

Angel Nova, the latest star by MUGLER, is the first perfume to apply the principal of upcycling in the world of perfumery. This sustainable manufacturing process, based on two-step extraction, is at the origin of the absolute femininity of the Angel Nova fragrance. The Damask rose petals are distilled and then reused: A traditional and biotechnological distillation process that generates natural waste that MUGLER was keen to use in its eco-responsible approach.

In combination with the rose, the Benzoin, rharvested in the ancestral forests of Laos, also adds a generous, gourmand and warm touch which brings out the addictive and supernatural character of Angel Nova Eau de Parfum.

Responsible Luxury for Men

The MUGLER masculine fragrances are no exception. Energetic fragrances with an addictive scent and the same care taken in the selection of raw materials. Among them is Alien Man Eau de Toilette ull of electric freshness and with a leathery trail, this scent unveils the apricot notes of Osmanthus Blossom. Native to Asia, from the Himalayan mountains to Japan, the Osmanthus flower used by MUGLER is hand-picked in China and carefully selected by the IFF fragrance house.

These many services and responsible actions make MUGLER perfumes exceptional creations. It is never too late to make your consumption more environmentally responsible. Give your loved ones an original and responsible gift that is 100% delight, 0% guilt this holiday season.

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