A gift with character for Father’s Day: What fragrance will you give him?

FATHER’S DAY IS THE PERFECT TIME TO TREAT THE MEN YOU LOVE. During this truly unique situation, MUGLER is by your side to take care of you at home. For Father’s Day, choose the men’s fragrance that will best reveal his personality.

Spectacular fragrances with a powerful trail? Suave and subtle notes with hints of mystery? Tells us his personality traits and MUGLER will tell you the right universe for him.


Alien Man

The woody aromatic fragrances are one of the oldest olfactory families in perfumery. An original power to which MUGLER, a creator of avant-garde fragrances, combines floral, oriental or spicy notes that exude the most sensual strength and virility. And when Leather and Cashmeran Wood combine with a hint of Osmanthus, the full masculine light of Alien Man shines through. A unique and sophisticated trail, filled with the mystery of extraordinary men.


Often paired with aromatic and toasted trails for more power, the oriental olfactory family invites you to travel and fulfill endless possibilities. An oriental fragrance by definition is fascinating and captivating. Opulent and gourmand it never goes unnoticed, nor does its wearer. A bold fragrance par excellence, A*MEN reveals warm notes of Coffee and Patchouli on a base of Vanilla. A toasted and contrasting fragrance that characterizes the personality of invincible men.



Mugler Cologne

Lemon, Bergamot, Orange and Mandarin are all part of another ancestral family in the field of perfumery. A citrus-based olfactory construction, the citrus accords are particularly appreciated for the freshness they give to fragrances. Their woody, floral or fruity scents smell good in summer and will delight lovers of pop, tangy and light fragrances. As such, MUGLER COLOGNE plays with resolutely modern amber, aquatic or musky citrusy accords: to be worn alone or twisted together, they offer a trail with a unique, discreet and deliciously fresh charm.

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