Six influencers on a quest to find the Alien light at the heart of Iceland On 26th October 2018, MUGLER took six French, German and English influencers on an incredible adventure: the Quest for the Alien Light. Isolated at the heart of Iceland, @NatachaBirds, @RickyThomason, @JoergZuber, @JulesLw, @JoannaHalpin and @QMike were invited to live a unique, immersive and interactive experience over three days.


The hidden treasure of Iceland. It's in Thingvellir National Park (also known as the Golden Circle) – a stone's throw away from the Northern Lights – that MUGLER launched this quest. Following the photoshoots in the studio and outdoors, each ambassador portrayed one of Alien's many facets in a unique setting that's perfectly punctuated by a magnificent sunset.

Engineered by Ecoute Chérie photographers and videographers and designed by Simon Sévila and David Chicheportiche, this ensemble of creators photographed these influencers using analogue cameras in order to capture the incredible lighting in these near-polar confines.


Influencers have a special connection with the chosen fragrance.

The mysterious and seductive notes of the Alien perfume are a radiant reflection of a graceful feminine charm. The fragrance combines the sunny notes of jasmine with woody and luscious amber notes.

Woody, Leathery and Aromatic, the Alien Man fragrance exudes a positive energy and plays with the vibrant contrast between masculine sensuality and electric freshness. The intoxicating Osmanthus blossom over a woody base of steamed beech peel reinvents the signature leathery masculine scent.

Two radiant and iconic fragrances housed in a talisman bottle... That turn into a sacred object in the hands of the influencers.

Prolong the adventure and discover the exclusive We Are All Alien web series.

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