Sambac Jasmine: an extraordinary flower of the sun


She asserts herself. She seems to have descended to Earth like an offering. Or a talisman. Alternating between enticing, mysterious and sensual,
Alien Eau de Parfum continually radiates a femininity of benevolence and softness.
This creation reveals soft and sweet enigmatic notes of Cashmeran wood combined with White Amber in its fragrance trail.

What illuminates it all? Sambac Jasmine, a magnificent tropical flower with a powerful radiance, hand-picked in India.


Did you know that jasmine has been used ever since the first perfumes were created?
And for good reason: it’s delicate white flower and emblematic intoxicating aroma have forever symbolized exquisite pleasure, sensuality and refinement. Among the existing varieties, the Jasmin Sambac flower is without doubt queen of them all. Having been cultivated in the south of India for over 2000 years, the flowers are weaved into necklaces, worn in the hair or laid in temples to honor the gods. As a sacred flower, it is made all the more unique by its spectacular fragrance: an opulent and generous solar force, which also combines calming hints of honey and orange blossom.


This exceptional ingredient is treated with the highest level of care and attention. The flower buds must be picked at dawn, at the first light of daybreak and a few hours before its blooming. A delicate job carried out by hand between March and October, exclusively by women who sing love poems while picking the flowers.

The Jasmine Sambac is a night-blooming flower which shines at night to brighten your day. At nightfall, the buds open up to fill the air with pleasant aromas for the coming night.

The aroma is extracted before being completely distilled.

A flower of the sun at the heart of an extraordinary fragrance.

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