How to travel with your favorite MUGLER fragrance

The art of wearing perfume doesn’t have to be interrupted during holidays or weekend getaways. Thanks to the new travel sizes, you can take the most beautiful MUGLER Eaux de Parfum with you wherever you go.

Your favorite fragrance, pocket sized

Who has never dreamed of having their favorite fragrance on the go? In the office, on a trip, before a date... The Eau-to-Go or Refillable Travel-Sized Bottle is a little jewel that you can carry in your hand bag for a perfumed touch-up at any time. Ideal for all the MUGLER perfume addicts...

New gestures for new scented objects

Because there are as many ways to travel as there are ways to wear perfume, MUGLER is always imagining and creating new ways to combine traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology.

MUGLER introduces its most iconic Eaux de Parfum in a never-before-seen traveler-friendly portable size: the Perfuming Pens/the Perfuming brushes.

The Perfuming Pen

Angel, Alien and Aura MUGLER are now available in a brightly-colored solid format that's ready to be applied to your pulse points...
Intuitive and elegant, this new perfuming pen offers an innovative fragrancing ritual. Easy to use and practical, this retractable wax pencil stick is ideal for quick perfumed touch-ups all day long.

The Perfuming Pen is applied delicately to the pulse points, where the lips will look for a secret kiss: the back of your wrists, behind the ear, along the neck. Sign your skin with a fragrance of desire..

Angel - stylo parfumant
Aura - stylo parfumant
Alien - stylo parfumant

Perfuming Brush

Perfectly portable, the Perfuming Brush reinvents the fragrancing ritual by taking inspiration from a rapid and precise make-up application technique. With a light pressure, the Perfuming Brush releases

just the right amount of perfumed gel to apply to all the pulse points – places where one would find -> leave a secret kiss on bare skin (along the neck, the back of the wrist, behind the nape -> back of the neck).

Alien - pinceau parfumant
Angel - pinceau parfumant
Aura - pinceau parfumant

The MUGLER travel-size fragrances are no longer a secret. Your suitcase is packed, the plane tickets are in your pocket, and the l’Eau-To-Go is in your bag: you’re ready for your next trip.

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