The secrets of Angel, MUGLER’s signature fragrance

“Angel is a dream in a bottle,”
says Monsieur Mugler
The first fragrance created by MUGLER and the first “gourmand” trail in the history of perfumery, combined with an impossibly elaborate star-shaped bottle and a unique relationship with the women who wear it... Angel is an icon which continues to inspire today’s women. The fragrance overflows with symbols and conceals a multitude of secrets. For the Mag, MUGLER travels through time and unveils the secrets of its creation to you.

The origins of Angel

Angel is a unique creation from MUGLER’s endless imagination: from the beginning, the creator wanted an unusual fragrance with an original scent that had never been smelled nor seen before. To create such a fragrance, the birth of Angel evokes infinite space with celestial symbols and legendary characters. The fragrance’s blue liquid – a first in the history of perfumery – recalls a sky blue color, associated with freedom. The star has been the lucky charm and signature of the Maison MUGLER since its creation. It is said that angels are the guardians of the stars. Symbols which also form the starting point of Angel’s history and a new femininity.

Angels are the messengers which connect heaven and earth. Every star has its own guardian angel and every woman is an angel.
Monsieur Mugler

The invention of a fragrance family: the “Gourmand” trail

In 1992, Angel set a major milestone in the history of modern perfumery. At a time when unisex fragrances and floral bouquets were the norm, MUGLER disrupted conventions by leading the way to another form of olfactory abundance with the creation of Indulgence. At first, the originality of Angel’s Eau de Parfum comes from the reinterpretation of an Oriental fragrance trail, once synonymous with voluptuousness and here redesigned with an indulgent facet inspired by praline. Next, Angel’s strength results from the association of its overdoses, like vanilla and in particular patchouli, to give the fragrance an inimitable trail.

After 18 months of work, Angel reveals its fragrance trail: fresh, indulgent and voluptuous. Monsieur Mugler rediscovers “the female essence” in memory of the oriental fragrance that his mother used to wear.

Angel is not a fragrance that follows trends. It sets them.
Monsieur Mugler

Forbidden fruit: childhood memories with a stroke of genius

After listening to Monsieur Mugler tell the story of his indulgent childhood memories, the perfumer Olivier Cresp had the idea to translate them into a fragrance. But to be able to recreate the classic confectionery of fairgrounds, the perfumer needed to use a unique method: the Ethyl maltol compound. Often used in the food industry to evoke the scent of caramel or praline, it gives its indulgent signature to the fragrance: feminine and inimitable.

Angel is a deeply sensual fragrance which almost gives you the urge to feast upon the person you love or bite into the person wearing it.
Monsieur Mugler

The technical craftsmanship of the bottle

The bottle’s creation was also a unique step in the history of perfumery. Designed by Monsieur Mugler, the creator called upon the skills of the Brosse Master Glassmakers to create a redistribution of glass from the star’s base to its points. Two years of work and technical development were required to result in a revolutionary semi-artisanal manufacturing process. A rotating mold has been specially created, making each bottle a technological work of craftsmanship.

An environmentally-friendly vision before its time

Since its launch, with a semi-handcrafted bottle, shaped like a star and containing the overindulgent scent made with the finest ingredients, this perfume is even more precious than most. This variance adopted an unconventional approach for its time. To keep its beloved bottles and make its perfumes as accessible as possible, MUGLER has designed bottles that can be refilled at the Source, which today has become the MUGLER Fountain. Since 1992, this unique service has enabled customers to refill bottles indefinitely instead of throwing them away.

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