Beware of angels...

I wanted to have a touch so
with this sensual fragrance that you almost
want eating the person you love.
Thierry Mugler

Imagination and memory

Once a perfume that had never been imagined, seen or
experienced, it is now a reference in the world of perfume. A dream of Thierry Mugler that became a reality: this is Angel.
The fragrance was born from imagination and memory. It
invites us to escape while reassuring us; it calls us to dream and relive our childhood simultaneously... Angel reveals a woman of all desires with an overdose of sensual and sweet notes.


It was the first oriental gourmand fragrance.
It is tinted blue, the color of the sky, dreams and the greatness that only icons of femininity could embody: Jerry Hall, Naomi Watts, Eva Mendes...
It is undoubtedly a « Legendary star».

The fragrance and its facets

Angel is a
fragrance of

  • Celestial Facet A wisp of fresh air. It is both ethereal and transparent – a heavenly evocation.
  • Delicious Facet Delightful aromas evoke the innocent pleasures of childhood and images of decadent treats.
  • Voluptuous Facet Captivating oriental notes unleash the mystery and sensual essence of a woman.

Angel - New Star

Another dimension

Defying the laws of glassmaking

We wanted a star to pay tribute
to Angel's celestial dimensions
and break free from the laws of gravity.
The Mugler Studio

A symbol of Thierry Mugler's boldness and expertise, the new star designed by the Mugler Studio is worlds apart. With this bottle, the Mugler star seems to be shooting into the future, thanks to its unique 3D effect. As if sculpted by light, it dazzles the senses, seeming to levitate as it spins to rest on each of its facets in turn. This perfection is possible due to a specifically designed high-precision mould. Its complexity is further demonstrated by its asymmetrical lid and collar. The Angel legend lives on.

The campaign

Georgia May Jagger

story board
story board
story board

Angel is explosive, and so is its new campaign. It is the "Angel effect" reinvented. Born from the explosion of a star, the fragrance trail that remains forms the shape of a woman, or rather an angel. Cosmic, delicious and ultra-feminine, she asserts herself and is increasingly determined, confident, mesmerizing and triumphant. In her hands, she holds her star; her perfume.

This campaign is amazing and very
different from previous campaigns.
It represents a very modern idea of
Georgia May Jagger

The bottle, a pure gem

Each Angel bottle is a hand polished work of art that combines sparkles of light and the magic of sculpted glass. Due to the unique creation process, no two bottles are alike, making each star a cherished object for the woman who owns it.

Making of the bottle


Angel bottles are works of art, like jewels that should be preserved with utmost care. Now women never have to part with them. Inspired by vintage perfume refilling foundations, Thierry Mugler has created the Source, as well as eco-refills that let them refill their precious Angel bottles at home. The legend has now become eternal.

Discover the source
Order an eco-refill
Luxury According to Mugler

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